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Rustic Bark - Page's Dachshunds
Rustic Bark - Page's Dachshunds

P A G E ' S  A N N A M A E

" M A E "

Beautiful Chocolate and Cream 

She is a very sweet and outgoing girl. 

She carries piebald, dilute, and heavy for cream 

N O R M A N D O X ' S  L U L A  B E L L

" L U L A "

Rustic Bark - Page's Dachshunds

Chocolate and Tan Dapple

Lula is a gorgeous girl, she can be a little shy at first but loves sitting in our laps.

She carries piebald and dilute.

P A G E ' S  L I T T L E  L A D Y

" L A D Y "

Isabella and Cream Dapple

Lady is a very sweet and outgoing girl. She always wants endless attention and loves kids!

P A G E ' S  M I N N I E  M O U S E

" M I N N I E "

O U R  G I R L S


Blue and Tan Dapple

Minnie is very sweet and outgoing, she is always with the kids playing or riding in the back of my daughters toy truck. 

Rustic Bark - Page's Dachshunds
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