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P U P P Y  P O L I C Y


This means that your puppy is bred to be a companion puppy and should not be used for breeding, or stud services. We do not relinquish the AKC registration paperwork until AFTER  we have received proof of spay/neuter from the veterinarian.


Your puppy will be growing very rapidly throughout the weeks. We know that you and your family will be beyond excited to watch your puppy grow as the bonding experience is very important. Unfortunately, we do not allow or schedule puppy visits in the home prior to eight (8) weeks old. This is for the health and safety of the puppies. Puppies are very vulnerable to diseases and parasites. We appreciate your understanding and we will provide plenty of pictures and updates as your little one grows week by week. If you have FaceTime, Facebook Video on messenger, Skype, or any other forms of video we would be glad to video you and your family with your puppy.


All of our puppies are to be in good health and have received all necessary,age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming. Our puppies have been examined by our licensed veterinarian and given a good bill of health. We offer a 1-year Health Warranty against any inherited, life-threatening diseases until the dog turns 12 months of age. No guarantee is made as to disposition, conformation, or weight/size of the puppy. We do not make any guarantees on the coat and color as these can change over time. Puppies must be seen by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of going home for a health guarantee. 


When your puppy reaches eight (8) weeks old, we will evaluate your puppy to ensure that he/she is fully weaned, properly eating solid kibble and drinking water, has developed well according to age group, has received the proper vaccinations, deworming and vet care, and is entirely ready to join his/her new family. We prefer that each puppy in the litter has their transition to their new homes around the same time. We hope that each transition is successful with minimal stress on each puppy. 



We do not ship our puppies. If you would like to fly to us and pick up your puppy that would be wonderful.


We require spay/neuter at or before 18 months for the puppies that are pets only. Taking back an unaltered dog into our home poses a significant risk to our own dogs due to canine STDs and the possibility an unaltered dog could be pregnant. Sadly, many well-intentioned folks don't remember to spay before the first heat cycle, and suddenly their barely-adolescent dog is pregnant by multiple studs of unknown heritage. Spay surgery while pregnant is exceedingly risky, and several canine STDs such as brucellosis can be transferred to humans, which poses an unacceptable risk to our family. 


We take great pride in every puppy that we help bring into this world. Our puppies are our babies from the minute they are born. We want every puppy parent that adopts one of our puppies to know that your puppy or dog will always have a home here at Rustic Bark Dachshunds. We understand that circumstances may occur that a family or puppy parent may not be able to keep caring for their puppy or dog. We understand that sometimes things happen unexpectedly. For these reasons, we hope you know that we will never judge you or your reasons why you cannot care for your puppy or dog anymore. We hope that you can contact us and feel confident that we will accept the puppy or dog back into our home with no judgment whatsoever. We do not want you to feel ashamed or embarrassed and one of our babies be turned over to a shelter, the streets, or worse. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to return a puppy or dog. 

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